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Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, född omkring 1400 i Mainz och död 3 februari 1468 i samma stad, var en tysk uppfinnare. Under 1450-talet färdigutvecklade han sin metod för att trycka böcker med rörliga, utbytbara typer för varje enskild bokstav.


Tyres deflect at the point where they meet the road and this creates resistance that the cyclist must overcome to drive the bike forwards. There are, of course, other forms of resistance that are more significant (e.g. air resistance) but many road cyclists appreciate the fact that they can minimise rolling resistance through careful selection of tyres (and tubes).

It is relatively straightforward to measure rolling resistance under controlled conditions. A large rotating drum or a set of rollers can be used to reproducibly identify relatively minor differences in rolling resistance allowing different brands, models and sizes to be comparedand ranked to identify the “fastest” tyres. The influence of other variables — including tyre pressure, different inner tube materials, and for tubular tyres, the method of gluing — has also been tested.